Why brochures are important to your business

Why brochures are important to your business

There are several factors why brochures are important to your business. In this blog post, I will explain most of the reasons why you still should reserve part of your marketing budget for printing promotional brochures. First thing first, let explain what actually the brochure is.

What is the brochure

Tri-Fold Brochure

Brochures are print product materials, most of the time printed on semi-thick paper, like 100lb Gloss Text. What differs brochures from normal flyers is folding. All brochures have some type of folding included. The most popular fold type is Roll Fold. The brochure is folded as a trifold piece with a cover on the front and in most cases address on the back. The next one, for instance, is simple Half Fold when the brochure is folded in half. There are many more folding types and sizes. The most popular folding types are Roll Fold, Z Fold, Half Fold, Double Parallel Fold. The most popular sizes for brochures are 11×8.5, 14×8.5 and 17×11, It doesn’t mean you can’t order any other type, just request a quote and we will contact you to provide the best possible way to produce your job. Let’s talk why are they important for your business. Below you can find 6 reasons why you still should invest in printing brochures.

They help future customers make an informative decision

Brochures can list your product description, features and benefits all this information helps your leads to make a better buying decision. Having all the important information in hand, they can ask you relevant questions before making a purchase. This is a very effective way to educate prospects about their products and reassure their reservations.

They reflect professionalism

In professional meetings, brochures are often extended to visitors for the introduction of the company, its culture, and the variety of products it offers. Offering a brochure during a business meeting shows you as professional and organized.

Unlike presenting your products on a laptop or tablet, this is far better an option to introduce your services to a party as you can easily demonstrate your product and pitch its features directly from a brochure.

They give a clean look to your readers

Brochures are best for marketing products as they offer a simple and clean look to a design. They are neat in design and it is easier for the viewers to find relevant information about your business or products. In other words, your readers are able to scan critical information about your products and their features.

They are versatile

Brochures befit every form of marketing. Whether it is a professional meeting, industry event or a business seminar, a brochure can be used in every business setting that calls for marketing your products. In addition, they are used in the offices to keep the customers engaged while they are waiting.

Use of negative space

Brochures can be a perfect medium to make use of negative space. Negative space in graphic designing is a space around the objects, an empty space. You can use this empty space around important information to present your products or information in a more interesting way.

A good graphic designer can make use of negative space and create amazing designs to impress the audience.

Brochures are cheap

In comparison to other marketing tools, brochures are quite cheap. They can save you a substantial amount of money as they require only printing costs. As compared to the hefty budget of print media advertisements, brochures have significantly lowered costs that put no burden on your pocket. Today you can have brochures printed for as low as $125!

How to prepare for print

It is really easy to prepare your brochure to print.  Apart from the design aspect of your project, you should follow a couple of simple rules. Use one of these templates as guidelines. Watch our blog next week we will release the simple tutorial on how to properly prepare brochures.

What do we offer

You can find our current offers for brochures in our online store. Contact us by email or call to make your order.

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