1000 Laminated Business Cards, special offer now only 84.58!

Special offer – Laminated Business Cards

Special offer in February – 1000 Laminated Business Cards at the price of 500, only $84.58!

We would like to announce a unique program we are starting in February 2020. Every month we will have a special offer. We will choose one of our products, and write a short post about it to get you familiar with it. What is more interesting though, we will offer this product the following month at a super attractive price. The deal you cannot say NO! So guys keep posted, check our social profiles where we will be announcing our blog posts. At the end of each month, we will post a new offer for the upcoming month. This month our special offer includes laminated business cards.

What are Laminated Business Cards?

laminated business cards, printing north york, laminated business cards gemprint, executive business cards, special offerFirst, let’s get you familiar with the product itself. I bet that most of you know how the standard business cards look like. Laminated business cards have the same size and format as normal ones, however, what makes them better and more executive is finishing. After the process of printing cards are laminated with a unique matte foil which gives them more executive look and touch. It is hard to show this difference in the pictures, but as soon as you see them with your own eyes and feel them in your hands, you will know the difference. This product is most recommended to every business owner who wants to make a good impression on his clients.

How to  get this fantastic deal

The offer is valid only in February 2020 to March 2020. You have to order your laminated cards through our website using this special offer laminated business cards link. Choose 1000 laminated and apply the special discount code, which you can find at the end of this post. Don’t get discouraged, the price for 1000 cards will be $101, however after adding the product to the cart, on the checkout process, you can apply the code which will drop the price to $84.58 for a 1000 matte laminated cards! After that, fill all the fields, and voila you got a fantastic deal. Remember coupon code works only for 1000 laminated business cards, and it is valid only from February 1st to March 31st.


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