Communication is important – we speak English, Arabic, Polish and Somali

Communication is important

Communication is important. We speak Arabic, Polish and Somali

Communication is an important factor in having a successful business these days. It is extremely important to understand your clients’ needs. No matter how much we try nor how good quality product we can deliver as long if it is not what client expected we set up ourselves for failure.

At Gemprint, we focus on communication with our clients. You can be assured we will always try to understand your means and deliver exactly what you expected.

We speak English, Arabic, Polish and Somali

We speak English Arabic Polish and Somali

Our website, all blog posts, and official communication is done in English. However, Toronto is our home, and we do understand how diversified culturally this city is. We know that sometimes is easier to express ourselves using our mother tongue instead of English. This is the natural situation for all of us not born here. Our staff speaks fluently English, Arabic, Polish and Somali.

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Please note that not all our staff speaks every language we listed, that’s why when you call us please try to use English. However, if you prefer to use Arabic, Polish or Somali we recommend using our contact form or request a quote form. In both cases, you can be sure that we put all our efforts to understand your needs and deliver you exceptional service. Don’t forget to check our FAQ pages!

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