How to add beautiful vector icons to your design

I was designing business cards for one of our clients recently, and once again I was wondering where I can find nice and free vector icons. I stopped for a second and I start thinking. Why do I have to think about this every time I make a design? It bothered me because it always takes so much time to search for the icons, download them and then adjust them to a design.

There is a simpler solution. I found this great article, by Harjeet Singh, on how to use fonts in your designs to get beautiful vector icons. It is super easy, so let’s get started.

Step 1 – Download Font Awesome

First, you have to use the proper tools. This solution will only work with applications that support glyph, so Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop. Next, download font awesome from their website.

But wait, isn’t the font awesome used on the website? Yes, that’s correct. But it is also possible to use it as a normal font on a desktop computer, and if you have the support of glyphs, you can convert this font to amazing icons!

Step 2 – Install the desktop font

Ok! You have downloaded the font, now you have to install the proper fonts. It is super easy as well. You can follow the instruction on the font awesome website. Basically, you have to unzip the folder, then find the folder containing three TTF font files. It should be named /use-on-desktop. Install all three fonts as all of them contain a different set of icons.

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Step 3 – Start using it!

Now, the final step guys, start using it as a normal font. Yes, just like that. OK, there is a trick to it, you have to know the shortcodes, names of the icons you want to use. Once again let’s take a peek at the font awesome website, they offer amazing cheatsheet, where you can find all shortcodes you need.

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Just copy or write the shortcode for the icon you want to use, and then paste it to Illustrator, just make sure that the copied text is using font awesome. And, voila! The copied text was converted to a beautiful icon. You can edit this as any other font, change the size, colour, line height etc.

Enjoy using it guys!

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